THANK YOU to all our visitors!

From February 20 to August 16, 2020


Photographs by
Sebastião Salgado

Curation & Scenography:
Lélia Wanick Salgado

EXCEPTIONAL EXTENSION of the GENESIS exhibition at La Sucrière from July 30 to August 16, 2020!

Reminder of the safety rules to be respected on site:


Information: the audioguides are not available anymore for safety reasons.

We have created a player system on your smartphone directly on site: don’t forget your headphones and continue to enjoy the content of the audioguides in complete safety!


Any grouping of people during the visit is prohibited. Groups are not admitted. Our staff is equipped with masks and the welcome desks with glass walls.

“Through these photographs, Genesis aspires to show and to share this beauty. It is a visual tribute to afragile planet that we all have a duty to protect.”

- Lélia Wanick Salgado, curator

Last chance to discover the great exhibition Genesis with the extension!

From July 30 to August 16, don’t miss this exceptional exhibition at La Sucrière with its 245 black and white photographs: the result of an epic eight-year work and about thirty trips around the world. Through 5 geographic chapters, the exhibition becomes a journey to the landscapes, seascapes, animals and peoples that have so far escaped the long reach of today’s world.